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Date Night

This week presented a number of challenges for me. Lisa wanted to go out to dinner, as she was growing increasingly jealous of the fancy pants meals her friends were eating. She made reservations at a restaurant downtown called Bambino. She assured me that her friend and her husband had gone there before and the husband ate a delicious chicken parm sandwich.  I am all about chicken parm as it is just pizza + chicken fingers with a fancy name. The first thing I notice upon arrival: no chicken parm sandwich.  I continue to look at the menu and my horror intensifies.  I see that there are lots of choices, most of which have words I cannot pronounce or accents over the vowels.  Accents equal death in my book. They mean flavor.  I recently hired some scientists to help explain my logic. Here is a chart they provided me:



As you can see, the relationship between me puking on your shoes in disgust is directly related to the amount of flavor in a meal. Meal not even started yet. Tim not in good mood.

Task One: Appetizer

This particular restaurant featured hand-made mozzarella sticks, delicious beautiful mozzarella sticks, again another pizza hybrid. We of course do not order mozzarella sticks, but instead Lisa ordered us arancini.  The conversation went like this:

Waiter: Are you ready to order?

Beautiful Wonderful Loves to Torture Me Wife Lisa: We’ll start with the Arancini.

Tim: Wait Lis, I wanted the mozzarella sticks. It says right in the menu that they are made by angels and are probably the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life.

Annoyed Wife Lisa (Still Beautiful): …

Tim: I mean I wanted to try the arancini too.

I will get to the entrees in a minute, but first I wanted to provide some photographic evidence of my skepticism upon the arrival of “my” appetizer choice.



Tim Enjoys!

For those that do not know, arancini are little deep fried risotto balls filled with awesomeness, or in this case Italian sausage and summer peas.  They were incredible and they came with a creamy red sauce that was amazing. I truly did not expect this outcome. I am as shocked as you are.


2 responses to “Date Night

  1. Sounds delicious! Also sounds a bit like a pizza hybrid – sort of.

  2. Awesome Blog! Bambino has amazing food.

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