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Ethnic Flair at the Wonderfulness that is Wegmans

I thought I would start this week by giving you a little background on my eating eccentricities. I was told by my mother, as a baby, I would eat everything. Apparently, I used to love tuna fish, pickles and even fish sticks.  Eating any of these things today would most likely induce severe sadness with intermittent periods of whining. In my mind, I was a totally normal, but picky eating kid. It was not as if I did not eat, I only ate certain things. In my adolescence and early adulthood, I had 4 basic food groups:


The slim category “Other,” is mainly composed of generic Doritos and the occasional Lucky Charms I would get whenever I slept over my cousin’s house. One thing you would never see on my childhood plate, or frankly, on my adult plate, is Asian Food. With trepidation, I give you my new Food Virgin challenge.

This challenge was proposed to me by a fan.  It was suggested I should go to Wegmans and try the various items in the buffet. Challenge accepted!

First, I want to say I love Wegmans.  If you do not have a Wegmans near you, I will try to explain it for you.  Picture a place so great you wish you could live there. If Jesus bought groceries, they would most certainly be from Wegmans. That’s how great it is. Wegmans is an experience. You walk in the door and there are fresh baked cookies sitting on a warming tray so they stay fresh, hot, delicious and ready for immediate consumption. There is a singer on the upper balcony singing Rat Pack tunes to entertain the wily, old senior citizens, who are dancing the fox trot like they’re back in the ol’ speak easy slinging back nickel shots of moon shine. It is amazing for people watching too. We go to the “yuppie” Wegmans in Williamsville.  There are cougars on the prowl and tons of free samples of food I cannot pronounce. Other DINKS (Dual Income No Kids), like myself, can be seen frittering about the day, without a care in the world, in the adult playground that is Wegmans.

I was accompanied by my beautiful, understanding, pinkies out wife Lisa and she helped me pick out my food.  I thought the price of the food was expensive at $7.99 a pound.  Lisa picked out some food items and my grand total came to a whopping $1.81… Apparently, Lisa did not have a lot of faith that I would enjoy her choices.

Taste 1: Salt and pepper pork.

This was good, if not a little bland (Tim friendly.) I enjoyed it, but it was plain, even for me.

Taste 2: Lo Mein.

Again, another food item that was not scary at all.  No problems. Tim enjoys.

Taste 3: Beef with Broccoli.

I did not really care for this.  Steak is one of my favorite foods and anything that purports to be any type of bastardized version of steak doesn’t really sit well with me.  It is like watching the WNBA. There is no point to doing it.

Taste 4: General Tso’s Chicken

This was definitely the scariest item going into the meal. It had a ton of sauce on it; it came with little red pepper looking things and sesame seeds.  Don’t ask me why I do not like sesame seeds. I think it is just because they do not add anything to the food, so one shouldn’t bother putting them on the food. As with most of my food trials, Lisa will not tell me what I am eating. She knows I will pre-judge the food. I tried this mystery dish and was pleasantly surprised to find I loved it! It was one of the more delicious things I have eaten. Lisa did warm me that it would be spicy and she was not kidding.  Not only do I not like food with taste, I don’t like food with heat either. The spicy end could have been a game changer for me, but I felt it went well.  A+ Wegmans!


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