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Death To Olives

My beautiful and understanding wife, Lisa, and I tried out Mexican Food this weekend. We tried out a restaurant in Buffalo called Gramma Mora’s. I will talk about my Food Virgin challenge in a bit, but first I need to say goodbye to someone. I am officially done with olives. If you have been reading this blog for a bit, you will remember my run-in with green olives from Bambino’s. I believe I referred to them as poison. I had my second run-in with olives on Saturday. It went something like this:

Beautiful Understanding Wife Lisa: Try one of my olives.

Tim: I already tried olives and I almost died. Remember?

Beautiful Understanding Wife Lisa: Those were green olives. These are black olives.

Tim: I would prefer to not choke down another death berry, thank you.

Beautiful understanding I think Loves to make me Suffer Wife Lisa: Just try it. Isn’t this whole blog about trying new things?

Tim: No, it’s about creating social media, which I heard was the most important thing since the moon landing.

Beautiful Understanding Wife Lisa: Quit being such a baby and eat it

Tim: … … … (eats olive) … … … (makes the face Peter makes when he thinks Shadow died in Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey)

B.U.W. Lisa: Well?

Tim: No you’re right. I am glad I tried that delicious and wonderful food. Remind me again, what do they make olives with again? Oh that’s right HATRED! I knew it was disgusting yet you make me eat it anyways. Oh and what do I find out? It tastes like poison! Et tu, LISA? First Pizza and now this.

All the nonchalance in the world Lisa: You know they say that 50% of people don’t like olives; I guess you’re one of those.

Tim: You cut me deep Shrek. You cut me deep.

So with that I say “sayonara,” Olives. Try not to ruin anyone else’s life on your way out the door.


3 responses to “Death To Olives

  1. I’m glad you don’t like olives. More for me and Has An Easily Influenced Husband Lisa.

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