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South of the Border Saturday

I was having an excellent little Saturday.  Lisa and I decided that we would have dinner at a little Mexican restaurant on Hertel called Gramma Mora’s. I am going to shock and amaze you right now. If you have been reading my blog you may recall a chart that my scientists made for me that draws the correlation between the amount of flavor in food and the amount I want to puke on shoes. Well if you notice the curve on the graph does not extend to the end of the graph. There is a disclaimer here. It is called the M point. The M point refers to the point at which Mexican food delineates off of the curve and creates this wonderful little Nirvana in which I seem to coexist peacefully with flavor.

That’s right. I love Mexican food. Love love love! So wherein lies the challenge? Well, the part where I do not get along with Mexican food has to do with heat. No me gusta comida caliente. So my Food Virgin challenge this week is to go outside of my comfort zone and try something spicy. The evening started out well with the chips and salsa. I do enjoy salsa as long as it is not inundated with cilantro. Cilantro is another devil weed where the tiniest bit goes a long way. I find that many restaurants use a handful so the salsa is essentially a pile of crappy tasting grass with some tomatoes in it. I ordered a platter with three different types of chicken enchiladas on it, ranchero, red chile and green chile accompanied by rice and refried beans. Normally I will only ever order the ranchero, which is a mild red sauce. This is in my wheelhouse. I tried it and as expected it was delicious. Next came the red chile sauce. I have tried this before and I did find it spicy, but quite enjoyable. A good amount of beans and rice were consumed to battle the heat.  Finally, I tried the green chile chicken enchilada. First bite is good. Tasty, cheesy, hot, but not crazy hot. Oh, but the back end kicked in. WOW HOT! I began two shovel rice and beans into my face like Kobiyashi with hot dogs. I did not expect that. It was as if the heat had ninja skills and it sneaked in and attacked me!

I would not be deterred though. I knew in my heart I loved Mexican food, so I strategized my next bite. I took a small part of each enchilada, topped with rice and beans and ate it together. AHHH blissful paradise! This was a delicious combination. I have to say I was quite scared of the heat but I found a way to really enjoy something I considered quite hot.  Now I want to add that Lisa is a connoisseur of hot things and even she thought the green chile sauce was hot.


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  1. websitesbysarahjane ⋅

    Any chance you will try Thai food??

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