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Food Virgin-ia

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my brother, Doug, who lives in Virginia. Obviously, the most important question on the table was:

Tim: So what do you think of the blog?
Doug: It’s good! Bridget (Doug’s wife) read it too. She said she didn’t know you were that messed up.
Tim: It can’t be that much of a surprise. It runs in the family. Mom won’t eat eggs and you won’t drink milk.
Doug: Touché.

My beautiful and understanding wife did not join me on this trip; she stayed home to watch teenage vampire fiction television. Without her constant prodding, I would not be trying any overly adventurous foods. I should also note the point of my visit. If you haven’t gathered from my earlier blogs, or this is your first visit to my site, I am not a big fan of food. Another item not very high on my list is babies. Not a fan. I’m sure your child is great, but it’s not for me at all. As it is my brotherly duty, and the human thing to do, I journeyed to Virginia to meet my new niece, Nora. She just turned one month old and is the first grandchild in the family. Doug and Bridget are extremely happy. My brother is quite hilarious though. After an entire day of watching him get puked and pooped on and having the baby scream or sleep off and on all day he said, “See it’s not that bad.” Good try Doug, but you will be the only one in our family adding to the namesake.

This may strike you as odd, but I do not really care for chicken wings. I know it is a crime against Buffalo to not like chicken wings, but I never really understood the appeal. I don’t like hot things and I am not crazy about messy things either. However, in an effort to appear normal I joined my brother in ordering some chicken wings at a bar called Legends. If I do eat wings, I usually go with barbeque. However, this was Virginia and I was letting my brother make the choices. We went with Zesty Barbeque and Buffalo Parmesan Garlic.
Flavorful ENJOYMENT!
I wasn’t overly concerned with the zesty barbeque. I know I can handle barbeque and “zesty” only seems like it could add to something. How could anything bad be referred to as “zesty?” The Buffalo parmesan garlic, however, was met with quite a bit of trepidation on my part. I just kept telling my brain that I have enjoyed all three flavors in the past and that all three combined they could only be better, like Voltron or Power Rangers! Well, it worked. The 7 beers I consumed prior to taste testing may have had something to do with it…


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  1. Your blog is so funny. I thoroughly enjoy reading and sharing it. It’s been fun to follow. Thanks for sharing.

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