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Apparently I Don’t Like Stuff

I have just a couple quick hits from the Food Virgin. This week the wife and I went to Sean Patrick’s for dinner. The meal was great and they have amazing French onion soup. I love French onion soup. It only has like 3 ingredients, which is usually a quick way into my heart. Lisa ordered a Reuben sandwich and suggested (told me) I try the sandwich. I tried the sandwich and was asked what I thought it tasted like. I replied it tasted like black licorice. Lisa asked me if I have ever tasted black licorice before. I stand by my statement.
Also, I wanted to post that I did try something else while I was in Virginia. They put pickles on a hamburger I ordered and I did not think to check what was on the burger. I did consume some pickle and I found it cold and disgusting. So in a nutshell, pickles are gross.
This Friday I am going to a Halloween Ball that is open bar and all you can eat. I look forward to imbibing in adult beverages and then eating foods I would never touch in sobriety. Till next week for the results!



One response to “Apparently I Don’t Like Stuff

  1. True Story, Sean Patrick’s has awesome french onion soup!

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