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No Soup for You

Soup is awesome. Like chili, it is excellent in the fall and winter. My amazing beautiful wife made chicken gnocchi soup this week. The soup was ready and Lisa was adding the gnocchi. I noticed the gnocchi looked different.

Tim: (trying not to sound nervous) What kind if gnocchi are those?

Lisa: (answering way too quickly) Whole Wheat.

Tim: ….

Bowls of soup now completed:

Lisa: So what did you think?

Tim: It was amazing. Those gnocchi were delicious.

Lisa: They were porcini mushroom gnocchi.

Tim: … …(wanting to gloat about noticing the gnocchi looked different, but smartly checked myself) Thank you for lying to me.

Lisa: Withholding the full truth is not really lying.

Tim: We’re still talking about the gnocchi right?

Yes. The mushroom gnocchi were lip smacking good. I credit Wegmans for making such a delicious product. I am also aware this is the second mushroom laden meal I’ve enjoyed. My team of scientists had a chart prepared, but it doesn’t really apply anymore.


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