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Under the Sea

Seafood and I do not get along. I know that a lot of people love fish. What makes fish good? I imagine anything that covers up the taste of fish. Occasionally, I have been known to eat seafood, but it is never of my own volition. Usually, I am forced/nicely asked by my beautiful, understanding and loving wife, Lisa. A few years ago, I first tried tilapia. It is pretty good actually. Honestly, it tastes like whatever flavor with which it is seasoned. This week my beautiful, darling wife made pesto crusted salmon for dinner. Now,I don’t know if you have ever smelled salmon, but I feel like if there was a scale of 1 to 10 on how fishy a fish smells, I bet salmon would be like 10 bugillion. Yea, I know bugillion isn’t a word, or a number for that matter. That’s how bad the smell is. I had to invent a number. I don’t know if I made it clear, but I was skeptical at best regarding this food challenge. However, Lisa, in her infinite wisdom, forced/convinced me to try the dish. Usually, you can put pesto on anything and it will make it good. Even so, I was scared.
Tim Enjoys!
I didn’t think it was possible either, but this thing was delicious. Maybe it’s just the pesto talking, but it was one of the best meals I have ever had. I even ate all of my broccoli. I don’t know why I didn’t just trust pesto to do its job and be amazing, but I’m a cynic. I am now converted; I am a fan of salmon. Time to go live under the sea!



2 responses to “Under the Sea

  1. Gregory Wood sent me.
    Did you do that drawing yourself? Cuz if you did, UROCK lobster.

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