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Ugh I hate my dog sometimes

Many people have asked me why I am a picky eater.  I think a lot of it has to do with anxiety and how it affects every day issues. I do feel bad that my eating affects other people, but it is really curious to me that my picky eating and anxiety towards such things has worn off on my dog.  He is often a direct reflection of me and my weird tendencies and I thought I would share a story of how this is true. It has nothing to do with food. Its is  just a funny anecdote that I am sure a lot of dog owners can relate to.

So I came home from work today early to have a new garage door installed. While waiting for the garage door guys I was watching TV. I recently built a TV cabinet and hid all the wires in the wall


I try to turn on the blu ray player and it doesn’t work. I begin to get upset because the work it will take to UN-bury the cord is immense and a huge pain in the ass. As I begin to get upset, my dog, Link, gets upset. He is a very loyal dog and has a tendency to react to my emotions. Link is also incredibly smart so it bugs me that he gets upset instead of helping me think of a solution. You may laugh, but he is a very good problem solver. This is him solving the cup test. If you don’t know, the cup test is a test to determine is your dog is smart or dumb. Show the dog a treat and place it under a cup. If the dog finds the treat in under a minute, the dog is considered smart.

So I get upset and then Link gets upset. When Link gets upset he begins to puke. Link is a lot like me and will puke any time he eats something he does not like. I don’t know if I get it from him or he gets it from me. He literally puked around the entire perimeter of the kitchen before I could get him outside. Of course, as soon as I let him outside, the garage door people show up. Link, being already worked up from puking, goes crazy with barking and gets so excited he poops on the deck. Not really that big of a deal unless of course he steps in the poop. And he did. Twice. I hadn’t even finished cleaning the puke and now I have to clean poo out of his paws. I let him in. And tell him to get in the tub. Link knows what the tub is and where the tub is located, but instead he decides to run into the basement and track poo all over the carpet. Ugh … Just, ugh.

In a nut shell, I can understand how people get frustrated with my weird tendencies as I have to deal with them at a canine level. At least I do not sniff other dog’s butts or eat underwear.

Here is a scientific reenactment of an earlier incident when Link ate my wife’s unmentionables.



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