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Sorry, Food Virgin fans I have been an absentee blogger lately. Time to catch up.  Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving and my beautiful, understand and vindictive wife Lisa decided, what better way to ruin my Thanksgiving than to make me try every food on the table. I know what you are thinking, Thanksgiving foods are delicious and not scary at all. What could be the problem? The problem is this. We were invited to eat dinner at my Aunt’s house, which is awesome. I love seeing them and my cousins. The only issue is that one of my cousins has some serious food allergies, so some of the traditional items are replaced with similar facsimiles. I imagined this to be to worse that it turned out to be.

Organic Turkey: This turned out to be just turkey. No issues presented themselves.

Cranberry Sauce: I normally do not eat this. My review is not indicative of any of my Aunts cooking skills, but cranberry sauce is gross. I do not understand the appeal. Yes, it was real cranberry sauce, not the can of purple jello. I do not like cranberry juice either, so this is no surprise.

Stuffing with Apples. Stuffing is great, so adding apples didn’t change that for me. I think it has a lot to do with how awesome stuffing is. It would take a lot to bring down stuffing. I think the only person who could ruin stuffing is Michael Bay. He ruins everything.

Roasted Japanese Yams: I was definitely nervous on this one. Surprise, I love potatoes. To a lesser extent, I tolerate sweet potatoes. I was told that Japanese Yams are in between the two. They were correct!. Japanese Yams were actually really good! They were just quartered and roasted. They were quite delicious!

Mashed Potatoes: This item needs no entry. It is the Super Bowl of foods. Even when its bad, it is good. Even Michael Bay could not ruin mashed potatoes…

Mixed Green Salad with sunflower seeds and cranberries: Eh, this just tasted like the lite Italian dressing with which I smothered it.

Cranberry Apple Pie: Now this might surprise a lot of people but not all desserts are not created equal to me.  I like apples, but I do not like apple pie. You already know that I think cranberries were planted by Satan himself. Maybe the combination of the two would make some type of magical food nirvana where the tastes sat in perfect balance. Nope, not even close. Everyone else loved the pie, but I am the only downer.

Pumpkin Pie: Wasn’t bad. I could take it or leave it.

So overall. I think Thanksgiving went well.  I’m about to go find Japanese Yams and pray Michael Bay doesn’t try to ruin potatoes.



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