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Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is going to be a multi purpose post today. I am eating Chicken Tortilla Soup while participating in a twitter chat called #Foodie Chat.

Here is what was in the Soup:









White corn

Red Beans

The soup was absolutely delicious. I added some shredded cheddar and some crumbled 9 grain tortilla chips. I thought it would be a neat idea to blog about my twitter chat experience. Ill be updating as interesting things happen and then post the final results. Also I started this blog with 15 twitter followers, lets see if that improves.

  • So far everyone is tweeting where they are from and what they are eating. The moderator is going to ask a new questions every 10 minutes
  • First Question: What different kinds of cereals would you MASHUP in your bowl?  I do love Cheerios, is it wrong to not want to mix them with anything else?
  • This is my favorite answer for the first question: AngelaWoody Baileys Flavored milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Someone also suggested espresso and coco puffs, not a bad idea
  • Second comment: you can put cold pizza and chicken wings in a bowl and count it as cereal right?
  • Ooh i got retweeted: AngelaWoody Love! RT @foodvirgindiary: you can put cold pizza and chicken wings in a bowl and count it as cereal right?
  • Question 2: MASHUP for us your favorite fruit and vegetable drink! I do enjoy a good chocolate strawberry spinach smoothy
  • Favorite Answer: @kkdietitian: A2 does Sangria or a pomegranate mojito count? 😉
  • Question three: MASHUP for us your ultimate sandwich! I feel like it has to have french fries on it or at least doritos
  • This one made my heart hurt: @steveGOgreen Q3, PB&J, glazed donut w/ a 8oz burger, American cheese and lots of candied bacon. #foodiechats

Time for one more question! Oooh up to 18 followers!

Well there you have it! Twitter chat excitement. I was actually pretty cool and i think i have my next food challenge! YUM!

oh and im now at 19 followers, WOOT! WOOT!


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