Food Virgin Fun Facts

I wanted to post a little more about myself to help put why I am the way I am into context. If you knew my eating habits now and could go back in time 15 years and tell 15 year old Tim what he would be eating in the future, I imagine 15 year old Tim would call you a filthy liar and punch you right in the face! Okay, not really. I probably would have sulked, listened to Pearl Jam alone in my basement and played with my Legos. Regardless, as weird as I may appear to you now, I was exponentially more odd as a child. Here are some random, but I assure you are true, facts about my eating habits:

I tried pizza for the first time when I was 21.
I used to tell people I was allergic to tomatoes so they would not think it was weird I did not eat pizza. This “allergy” came in especially handy at the ubiquitous elementary school pizza party.
I didn’t eat chicken wings until I was 23.
I ate PB &J for lunch every day throughout my entire school career. No exceptions.
I loved French toast as a kid, but would not eat toast.
Fruit filling in cake is pure death to me.
I didn’t eat bacon until probably a year ago.
I didn’t try a vegetable until my twenties.
I loved cheese and would tolerate a plain hamburger, but wouldn’t touch a cheeseburger.
I love to eat dry cheerios. I’ll eat an entire bowl by the handful without so much as a drop of milk.
I have never eaten fish sticks.

So there you have it. I couple “interesting” facts about me. As I think of more embarrassing things, I will try to post them.


Food Virgin Diaries

A Brief History

I should start by saying I have never really liked food with taste. Even my dog, Link, is a picky eater. I enjoy the taste of chicken or potatoes and do not need my food covered in a rosemary demi-glaze for me to enjoy it. Who needs The French Laundry when you can have a plain chicken fajita, no sauce, from Mighty Taco? Conversations in my house go like this:

Beautiful Understanding Wife Lisa: You should try this hummus Tim. You would really like it.

Me: …..

Beautiful Understanding Wife Lisa: It’s super bland. You like super bland food.

Me: ……

Beautiful Slightly Less Understanding Wife Lisa: You really need to branch out.

Me: …..

Food is a challenge for me and I hope this blog enables me to show the humorous and often confrontational journey that is being an adult who is afraid of taste.